This Strange New Pain Relief Patch Took My Elbow & Arm Pain Away In 60 Seconds – WITHOUT Pain Pills!

“Is grandpa ever going to be ok?”

Those words from my 6-year-old grandson hit me like a ton of bricks.

You see, he’d come to spend the summer with us, and I PROMISED I’d play all his favorite games EVERY DAY – and take him for ice cream every night too!

But when push came to shove, I was barely able to watch him play. For about 12 years now, I’ve been suffering from horrible elbow pain – that’s started to radiate down my whole lower arm.

I blame years of tennis… and not taking care of myself properly. I knew my “tennis elbow” was bad, but I didn’t think it would keep interfering with my life after I stopped playing.

Yet there I was, years after I’d stopped playing tennis… sitting off to the side… watching my grandson play and wishing more than anything that I could make good on my promise to join him.

Yes, I had been to the doctor – many, in fact. Yet every single one of them offered me the same old, good-for-nothing “prescription pill plan”.

Of course drugs can relieve the pain. But they make me woozy… and I don’t want to be around my grandchildren in that state. Plus, I don’t want to be a “legal junkie” no matter what my doctor says.

I tried natural therapies, both cheap and expensive – “TENS” machines… ice therapy… heat therapy… lidocaine… aspercreme…

You name it, I’ve tried it ALL. But the pain never seemed to go away for long enough to feel “normal” again.

(And it was even more painful knowing I couldn’t keep my word to my grandson who just wanted to play with his Pop Pop.)

But then my friend Ben showed me a little “trick” he’d been using to relieve HIS pain… and my life hasn’t been the same ever since!

Later that week I was sharing my gripes with my old friend Ben. I knew he was suffering from lower arm pain due to an injury… and if anyone could commiserate with me… I sure as heck knew he could.

But instead of complaining with me, he had an idea:

“You know my daughter, Penny, who’s a General Physician?

She introduced me to this really cool pain patch thing… and it’s been a MIRACLE for me!”

He started explaining to me how his daughter didn’t want him addicted to pain meds for all the right reasons…

After all, the opioid epidemic is at its highest now with 115 deaths happening every single day.1

(That’s one hundred and fifteen families being devastated DAILY!)

That’s when Ben showed me this new drug-free pain relief patch called Kailo.