This New Pain Patch Saved Me From A 3rd Knee Surgery – And It’s 100% Natural

"I'm pretty sure another surgery is my only option…"

I honestly can't believe that I was even considering it.

A third knee surgery!? I'd already had surgeries done on BOTH of my knees and felt like “round three” would really affect my long-term mobility.

I mean, things had really gone downhill for me since those first two surgeries. Would it actually do anything to help the pain this time?

Years ago, I was a promising collegiate cross country runner… but after an injury knocked my knees out, I ended up glued to my sofa, going to physical therapy 3-times a week, and taking some pretty heavy-hitting pain meds.

I now spend my nights alternating between icing and heating both knees. (What a life…)

I knew there was no undoing the damage that had already been done. But the thought of having another operation, going to more physical therapy, and taking more pain meds – just so I could walk around and live a somewhat "normal" life – was soul-crushing.

Now a few months back I was sharing my frustrations with my friend, Jack, who's really into yoga, meditation, and holistic health.

He's always been a runner too. And although he hasn't had any major surgeries like I had, he's experienced his fair share of knee pain over the years like I have.

We were taking a walk and, as is usually the case, I had to stop to give my knee a break after about 20 minutes of movement.

That’s when Jack reached into his back pocket and showed me what looked like a phone screen protector with a futuristic-looking design. Then he asked:

"Have you heard about Kailo yet? It’s my go-to whenever my knees are acting up!"

I told him I’d never heard of it and asked him to explain…

"It’s a total game-changer… you just put it on your body, somewhere between where it hurts and your brain… and it blocks your body's pain signals. Wanna try it?"

Before I could answer, he reached down and placed this thing on my lower thigh, just above my knee… and what happened next shocked me.

"Is this some kind of magic? What is this thing!?"

Within about 10 seconds, the pain in my knee felt like it was "turning off". And after about a minute, it was barely noticeable.

It seemed too good to be true, so I asked him to try it on my other leg…
and my jaw literally dropped. The same result. Woah!

“Hey Jack… what the heck just happened?”

How did this sticker get rid of years of pain in just 10 seconds?!