This All-Natural Pain Relief Patch Stopped The Chronic Shoulder Pain I've Had For Years – Here's How…

After 20+ years of golfing, my shoulders are a painful mess.

I used to gladly spend 4 hours or more on the course… but these days, I can barely spend 20 minutes at the driving range.

It all started with a rotator cuff injury that spiraled downward. I didn’t take it seriously at first – the burning flare-ups seemed rare enough, and only caused me agony when I played for too long.

But then the pain started showing up off the course. Before long, any activity that involved my shoulder caused me stabbing pain. I couldn’t lift things… or even reach the top shelf of our refrigerator without wincing in agony.

I eventually visited my doctor, but by then it was too late. He told me my shoulder pain was here to stay… and unless I could afford an extremely expensive surgery, I’d probably never get to play pain-free again.

I didn’t want to accept that, so I tried everything… heating pads, massage tools, numbing creams, and various trips to the chiropractor…

Yet none of them could relieve my pain for more than a few minutes… let alone long enough to last through 18 holes.

I sat on the sidelines for years, watching the Masters in misery. But then something incredible happened…

My buddy Joe (who’s also been sidelined due to elbow pain) called and said he’d just played the most fantastic round of golf of his life – but not because of the score.

“My daughter gave me this pain relief patch she saw on Facebook,” he explained. “She told me it might help me enjoy golf again. I swear, I didn’t think it would work. But I feel 20 years younger out there thanks to this thing!!”

He said the patch is called Kailo, and it’s supposed to work on shoulder pain too – so he practically begged me to try it. I agreed to stop by later that afternoon.

Now, let me tell you: After all these failed attempts to relieve my shoulder pain, I really didn’t expect much. Joe’s a trustworthy guy, though, and I wanted to appease him… so I placed the Kailo patch on my shoulder, right near where it hurts most.

At first, I didn’t feel anything. But after about a minute, I started feeling a tingling sensation… and then? WOW!

My shoulder pain was GONE, and I felt good – I could easily go a full 18 holes at the drop of a hat!

My first thought was: “What’s in this thing? It better not be drugs!”

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