I Thought Being Hooked To Pain Meds For Life Was My Only Option… Then This Little All-Natural Patch Changed Everything.

“I can’t move, Alison! Help me!!”

I cried helplessly outside the shopping center, where I had brought my wife to buy a dress for our upcoming anniversary.

There I was, curled up on a park bench and howling in tears. My knee and hip joints had flared up THAT badly.

(It was almost as embarrassing as it was painful…)

When I saw my doctor later that day, he just chalked it up to old age… “It’s nothing to worry about. This happens with everyone as they get older.”

Oh boy did that infuriate me!

Because I’m not even that old. (I’m 64 years “young!”)

He handed me a prescription for pain pills, and sent me on my way.

But I didn’t like that either!

I’ve never been the type to want to fix a problem with a pill. Pills have caused me as many problems as they’ve solved… and you don’t even need to be a doctor to know that.

Just watch a commercial for the newest medication on TV… and listen as they rattle off all the side effects – like blindness, stroke, and death. (Uh… no thanks!)

Later that week, I shared my gripes with my old pal Todd. I knew he was suffering from “old age” joint problems of his own… and if anyone could commiserate with me, I sure as heck knew he could.

But instead of empathizing, he had a suggestion:

“You know my daughter, Jolie? Well, she’s a General Physician… and she recently introduced me to this really cool pain patch thing – it’s been a MIRACLE for me!”

He started explaining to me how his daughter didn’t want him addicted to pain meds for all the right reasons…

After all, the opioid epidemic is at its highest now with 115 deaths happening every single day.1

Luckily, Todd was happy to tell me all about this new all-natural, drug-free, microtech pain-relieving patch…

He said it’s called Kailo

And it’s a natural pain relief patch you put on your body that uses microtechnology to stop pain signals in their tracks.

(Meaning it’s 100% drug-free, with absolutely zero side effects)

He explained it just like this:

“You only feel pain if the pain signals reach your brain. However, if you catch these signals at the source…

You’ll feel an instant reduction in pain!”

And that’s exactly what Kailo does.